Over the years, we found that there are some dogs who just need a little more than a 20 or 30 minute walk to 'poop out'.  So, we added a Daycare or Extended Stay option to our Dog Walking and Pet Sitting services.

No need to drive your dog to and from Doggie Daycare, we'll bring our version of Daycare to you and your dog.  Instead of our usual 30 or 60 minute visit, we'll stay and play with your dog (or cat) for 2, 3 or even 4 hours.  Whatever your pet's desire . . . . fetch, chase, tug-of-war, splashing in a pool . . . . we'll make it happen!

Our Daycare service is perfect for puppies and dogs that may require a little extra attention.  This service may also be the answer if your dog or cat is recovering from surgery and you'd rather they not be alone, or if you have a senior dog who just enjoys human companionship!

So why Daycare ala The Tail Trail?

1.  No running back and forth from Doggie Daycare
2.  No Cut-off times
3.  No time in Crate or Run  
4.  Your Dogs remain in the comfort of Home
5.  Play sessions are tailor-made 
6.  No unfamiliar or potentially unfriendly Playmates
7.  Supervised at all times
8.  Personal attention

Our Extended Stay service is perfect for busy families, especially those with multiple pets!

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Just look at Izzy and Owen above, enjoying a beautiful afternoon playing a little touch football in their backyard.
Tilly 'ruff-housing' with 4 of her 11 pups in her backyard.  An afternoon of non-stop fun!!!
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